Has anyone else heard of Receiver? If not, it seems like the kind of thing at least a few of us would dig on.

Here’s the basic pitch: Receiver is an FPS roguelike that has ridiculously detailed handgun mechanics. You start with one gun (out of three possibilities) and it’s up to you to determine how many bullets you have, whether the magazine is loaded if it’s an automatic (check the cylinder if it’s a revolver) and whether or not the safety is on. You can pull back the slide on automatics and rotate the cylinder on the revolver. It seems that it’s possible to load a magazine but forget to chamber a bullet and be unable to fire the gun. It’s also possible to load the revolver incorrectly and end up with a missing bullet in one of the chambers. It sounds like the epitome of gun porn, but it also sounds pretty damn cool.

The environment of the game is a randomly generated facility that has randomly determined ammo, flashlights, and audio logs. The audio logs (of which there are 11) are the primary goal of the game (very Slender like). However, there are turrets and drones standing in your way, and I haven’t heard of anyone hwo has found more than five audiologs. The story is a nightmarish Philip K. Dick sort of thing. (I’m looking at you @bluesforbuddha).

Anyway, the team is constantly updating the game, so it might not be the best time to hop on, but I thought I would put it on everyone’s radar: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92927535&searchtext=