@cgrajko Good man! I got my complimentary builds/eventual final copy of Receiver for pre-ordering Overgrowth many moons ago (incidentally, one of the craziest fighting/brawl/parkour/rabbit-wolf simulators ever), and it is truly something else. It’s funny how the firearm has become such a simplified point and click mechanic in games, when Receiver really highlights the complexities of a gun.

You really do spend a lot of time going over the checklist in preparation to fire, to the point where it becomes as big a part of the game as actually pulling trigger on the damn thing. Makes a player very aware of the mechanisms and ammunition component of a gun.

Love the way you roll, @cgrajko. We’ll have to compare experiences. If anyone else is interested, you can pick up Receiver as is for five bucks.

Hawken. Stupid NDA. But Hawken!!