@impynickers Yes… Hawken. We’ll see how many of us unload that game onto the Squawkbox once the NDA runs out.

@bluesforbuddha Agreed on Persona 4 Arena and Last Story.

I couldn’t afford P4A yet, but whenever I can I’ll be totally down for its visual novel storyline. With any other game (like BlazBlue) I wouldn’t even remotely give a shit, but since I’m actually invested in P4’s characters, I’m totally prepared to spend 40 hours reading a book on my 55″ HDTV. Speaking of visual novels, 999 2 comes out on the 23rd of this month.

I actually finished Last Story within a rental a couple weeks back, and it felt like a good typical JRPG mashed into the structure of Mass Effect 3 – one central town, real time combat with somewhat scripted tactics, etc. The character designs were cool and you’ll really hear Uematso enter the scene during the final boss fights. Otherwise though, Xenoblade at least has me invested in terms of sheer amount of content and freedom of exploration.