@cgrajko Good sir, you are not alone. I was ready to heave after a few levels. Amazing game, but carsick simulator ahoy. I suspect it has/had something to do with the lurching with every turn, the classic low ceiling of the early era and the sprite rotation. We’ve come a long way, it must be said.

EDIT: I keep trying to play a little White Day: A Labyrinth Named School before hitting the hay, but it’s really too nerve-racking. For such a comparatively primitive game, it sure knows how to evoke palpable unease. A real proto-Amnesia, and it has some of the most chilling “audio-log”-like notes scattered about, particularly alleged ghost stories.

I was standing in a darkened classroom, just reading a particular story…and simply got the chills and had to quit. Hope some other squaddies check it out.

EDIT 2: THE EDITING: I’m going to zip up White Day, plus the patches required, into a bundle and host it on my dropbox for you folks who’re keen, along with installation instructions. Will post a link when it’s done.

EDIT TRIFECTA: HERE is the complete White Day package, nab away! (466MB)

It’ll ask you to install HF pAppLoc as part of the main installation, which is necessary for some translation, so just click away and you’re good to go.