Haven’t done one of these for a while, and they’re terribly redundant given the nature of the squawk, but…

Prospective Weekend Playlist

Yes, what’s on the gaming cards this weekend?

I’m hoping to play a touch more Borderlands 2, a touch more FTL and more of the Tactical Tuesday title I’m rustling up, but…the big surprise of late on PC is: Shoot Many Robots

The catharsis of this quiet achiever is second to none. Like a Western-made Metal Slug with Borderlands-like weapons and customisation, I’ve been sinking a few bedtime play-sessions into this one. It hits the same notes that Hunter: The Reckoning did on the old Xbox. I’m usually not terribly fond of platformers, but when you couple the itemisation and their effects into the mechanics of running and gunning, Shoot Many Robots becomes more interesting with every unlock.

Yourselves, folks?