*glosses over the conversation about paying the Russian mafia for cheap video game keys*

Played a buttload of Torchlight 2 co-op last weekend. Not a whole lot to say, the game is pretty self-explanatory, just look at it. I was afraid playing it so soon after Diablo would be a problem, but it hasn’t been. Turns out that another game in the same vein, with its own beautiful aesthetics, and a good mechanical feel, is all it takes to get the hooks in again. Put on some techno or whatever, smash some zugs around the world, collect the loot, and then send your pet back to town to sell all that junk and buy potions (this is still the best thing ever).

Actually, I will say this: it’s tough to swallow the “fuck you, you picked it and now you’re stuck with it” skill/stats system again (I HATE allocating stats!), especially after Diablo 3’s (IMO) fresh take on selecting abilities. T2 does lets you respec up to your last three skill points, but it’s not enough. Look, I’m only going to play through this maybe two times, just let me reset the whole damn thing, who cares?

You should also know that the story is probably even less interesting than Diablo 3’s.

Me just after reaching the 2nd Act: “SAND. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SAND?”
Friend: “It’s the rule of the 2nd act. It has to be in the desert.”

@squad Just hit me up on Steam if you want to play