@bowlisimo Forgive my countrymen, bowls. We’re perhaps used to dealing with mobsters, like triple A game publishers and their pricing antics in the Antipodes, where not even European language localisation requirements can justify the gouge. Retail? Yeah, get some return on the smaller population, but digital!?

That said, and far be it a feeble clearing of conscience, but if I picked up triple A titles more often, I’d have a stronger position on it. Kotaku AU had an article recently on the Skyrim price-drop on Steam in Australia. Would anyone here pay $93USD for Skyrim? Mass Effect 2 is almost $80AUD STILL.

Have a gander at some top rip-offs. With Warhammer 40K Space Marine a whopping 97AUD – over a 100USD – you can see why some folks turn to Eastern Europe.