@angryjedi Ah well, let them eat cake. Yellowcake, with any luck.

Now, about that Whiteday: A Labyrinth Named School.


As it’s coming up to Halloween, and while generally not a partaker in such holiday hijinx, prospective pundits might be interested in this curious slice of Korean abandonware from 2000. One part Amnesia, one part Thief: The Dark Project and a twist of East Asian horror tropes and you have White Day – a strange nightmarish adventure into a Korean highschool. A touch fiddly to get installed/fan-patched, but once done, you’re good to go. Quite intrigued as to what people think and as conveyed to @angryjedi on Le Twit, it might very well make a nice little Squad sidemission – especially given the extreme rarity of the game in the collective consciousness of geeks and thrillseekers.

HERE is the official/unofficial site that has all the details, a hosted version of the game to download and the required translation/bug fix/overhaul patch.

Anecdotally, the little I’ve played? Rather unnerving, and even my aversion to those cloying tropes of horror is offset by some great sound design (reworked by the fan patch, I’m led to believe) and adventure game-esque inventory/item usage. Sure, a little wonky here and there, but one for the Squad.

For those interested and on Windows 7, once installed/patched etc., use the WhiteDay -Start.exe in the root directory.

Want a taste of it? You really want a slice of Youtubery? Go on. Have one.