@redswir1 I’ve a few folks back home who can vouch for Borderlands 2 working beautifully, no need to do any of that VPN business. Personal experiences? Space Marine, Rage, Dead Island and a few others. No issues.

I’ve read the horror stories, but a lot of that comes from people not reading the fine print on some titles. It also depends on where you stand. Save a few bob and Ivan in a former satellite state lets you into the party, or wait for a sale and let the mighty greenback stay in the land of the free and home of the brave.

Convic-er, I mean, Australians love their grey market because it’s one of the very few ways to dodge the hideous price gouging that goes on digitally.

Just something to ponder, if you’re really that keen. I don’t know where the Squad stands on this, but as long as they’re not stolen keys, I consider it just another avenue in a globalised world. Best way to start is to read the feedback under particular games on vendor sites.