A little late, but babut from Games12, the event I mentioned a few days back, didn’t have the chance to play all the games, but was able to play the two games I wanted to play the most.


Being someone who has been really tired of the original series, the reboot looked pretty promising to me (being a fan of Ninja Theory’s stuff). I can safely say I’m pretty excited about this new game, the pulling yourself and/or the enemy makes for some really interesting strategy, expecially with Ninja Theory’s idea about having different set attacks while holding the shoulder buttons.

Metal Gear Rising:

Another game I was looking forward to, they got themselves quite a solid fighting system, the slicing is especially fun despite being an absolute win button as long as the enemy is in swords reach.

It’s gonna be a good time for hack ‘n’ slash games, this is gonna be pretty fun. There were booths for Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed 3,Dishonored, Playstation Allstars and Epic Mickey I wanted to try out, but didn’t have the chance to.