After checking out the demo I’m already much more invested in Torchlight II than I ever was in the first game. I’ll eventually buy it, I just don’t know at what price. But what’s the likelihood of co-op going on here? Borderlands 2 definitely seems to be the dominant loot game from my perspective.

Edit: I’ve been able to get in like an hour of a rental copy of B2 and it feels… slow. In literally every other aspect it seems like a great loot game combined with a good shooter, but I don’t know about $59.99 great. I think the “slowness” however is just this being the first FPS I’ve attempted on a console in some time, especially since I just finished DOOM and DOOM II – slick games where your character runs at 40mph. There’s also no way a shooter could move at the pace of TII, which compared to B2 feels similar but more immediate.

I dunno. In this short amount of time in B2 I’ve already got a handful of quests piled up so that shows I’m getting invested. Maybe I should have rolled assassin like I planned to do if I ever bought the game – definitely more my playstyle in shooters which would’ve made the genre combination more enjoyable for me.

On the whole loot subject, for some reason I decided to start DeathSpank a couple weeks ago so I’ll probably be blazing through that before I decide to pull the trigger on TII. How much is there really to do in B2?

Lemme put it this way: I’d probably pounce on B2 at the first sign of a sale, but how many of you guys would even be left to play co-op?