Oh God Damnit. Fall gaming season has officially begun. Looking at my chart I got shit coming out basically every week for the next month. Most of it’s rentals but still…

My big problem right now is that Resident Evil 6 comes out in two weeks. I figure it at least deserves a rental, and maybe a future PC purchase if I enjoy it enough. The problem though is that I only just recently started RE2 for the first time in hopes of finishing it before 6 came out. Don’t know if that’s gonna happen.

Rent First Decide Later List:
Borderlands 2
Dead or Alive 5 – haven’t actually played one since DOA2
Dishonored – Only 99 percent sure on whether I’ll want this game.
NFS Most Wanted
Far Cry 3

So far there are actually only three games on my “definite buy” this this fall, and two of them are 3DS games. They are Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, Assassin’s Creed III, and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. Nobody really gives a crap about the console Epic Mickey games, but the 3DS one is basically going to be the sequel to World of Illusion for the Genesis – evocative of the actual good Disney games, complete with Scrooge McDuck. Virtue’s Last Reward is basically “999 2”.

The only other games I already know I’m buying this fall are actually HD ports. Jet St Radio comes out in two days. Okami comes out on PS3 next month, and Zone of the Enders HD is still scheduled for 2012 last I heard.

@unmanneddrone Well from what we’ve heard Valve is making a bit more of an effort to court Japanese developers there… the ones who even make PC games in the first place. We’re started on the trail – some Ys games made it on Steam, it’s getting Half-Minute Hero, etc. They and From Software just need to get a taste of that Steam Sale cash this year and then we might see…