@wrdsmth After the very strange and hideously tiered C&C4, the backlash against this once-giant of the genre was so savage that they appear to be making amends. I dare not think too long and hard about it, lest I fill reservoirs with salty tears and upset the aquifers.

“Unit ready, TRAINING, Unit ready, TRAINING, Construction Options PAUSED > You have reached today’s Unit Cap. For higher Unit Cap, buy the EA Barracks Booster for 14.99USD. For higher Vehicle Cap, buy the EA Motorpool Maximizer for 24.99USD. To unlock New Construction Options, buy the EA Building Blueprint Pack for 34.99USD…”

Unfortunately, bloody MOBA games have opened the door into nickel and diming, tempered by the fact that they’re F2P and folks aren’t immediately on the backfoot if the balancing is up to snuff. EA might conveniently forget that and insert a payment method in the tier unlocks. Boo-urns. What a waste of the franchise. I’ll still probably (stupidly) pick it up, especially to see how the next round of RTS big hitters compare (C&C5, Company of Heroes 2, Wargame: AirLand Battle standalone expansion – so keen!), especially given it’s a Frostbite-powered game.