Borderlands 2 5 hours hence… I told myself I wasn’t going to go midnight gaming for this one… but… well…

I guess I’m still prone to some versions of hype I guess… I’ll be looking forwards to seeing some Squadies in the wilderness of Pandora! 😀

Other then that playing some FTL, Civ V Co Op (burns a day alone right there) and eyeballing Sengoku Rance… well it’s just been life as it ever was.

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Wii U Thoughts: An attempt to gather the hardcore crowd back in, sadly thwarted by the fact that all the hardcore have almost by definition invested into one of this generations other consoles.

Bayonetta 2: Thank you Nintendo forever for saving this game, I’ve given you some serious shit over the Wii cycle for your lack of support of games I like, and my Wii hasn’t been plugged in for ages, but you have my heartfelt and honest thanks for making sure one of those madhouse crazy “we do what we like ’cause a pirate is free” games.

speaking of madhouse games Tokyo Jungle: 😀