@cgrajko The FTL review copy went to a better home! But yes, talk about enticing…the tales, the triumphs and the tears. Interstellar make-or-break missions. Once the valiant reviewer throws down their words, I’m thinking we all indulge. It’s just one of those things, those damndest things.

I’ve got something a little more…well…I love it, but the next Tactical Tuesday will be for the hardware geeks.

Anyone else jump into the CYPHER text-adventure business? I’ve been dipping in little by little over the past week and it continues to be just so fresh. What’s old is new again. If you’re on the fence, I’d say get off before you hurt yourself…but in terms of picking up this effort, I’ll let you know when the parser patch is released, because THEN, my friends, it will be peerless.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.