@angryjedi Finally read that piece about single player freemium games, and I have to admit they have a few points in there, a few. Plus they properly lay out the pitfalls as well.

So far I’ve only actually played one freemium game. It was a singleplayer freemium game that I actually like – Jetpack Joyride. The only IAPs in that game as far as I know net you additional in-game money and cosmetic items. They just help you progress more quickly if you use them well. This might actually be a pretty good fit for RPGs, even single player ones which, as they described in that piece, are economical games. Tales of Vesperia on Xbox 360 already has “DLC” that literally just boosts you 10 levels for $10 (I think). So I’m gonna put that under “maybe” – if the game in question is very good with loot and progression.

I also agree though that without those RPG elements (which seem to be appearing in every damn game these days) don’t work so well with freemium. Singular story-based games are finite properties which is why publishers like them less and less these days. I personally do like the idea of “first episode free” though. Basically every XBLA game already allows you to start the game through the trial for free, then buy the rest without losing any save data. I personally would love it if every game did this. I would definitely expose myself to a lot more games, and that’s what freemium is about – eliminating the financial barrier to entry.