Oh god Pete. I just read the synopsis for that game. Please tell me that @unmanneddrone took the code for that… I want to read that SOOOO badly.

@redswir1 Yeah, I agree with you about online functionality being the most important thing. I think the fact that the WiiU will have a lot of the stuff we’re not used to Nintendo offering is going to be a big thing and will require a lot of us to conceptualize their offering a bit differently. Right now, I still think of Nintendo as the company that had to send out new discs when one of their games didn’t perform properly on certain Wiis. I can’t remember which game it was off the top of my head, sadly. I remember Brawl had issues on some Wiis because the disc drive didn’t want to read dual layer discs, but I don’t think that’s what I’m thinking of.

At any rate, being able to patch your software online on the WiiU would be a huge step forward for them, and allowing free patches (if they go that route) would also likely help them out with acquiring third party software. I don’t think we’ve received confirmation yet that the WiiU will support patching like we’ve grown accustomed to, but I feel like it will since they’ve made a lot of other good moves regarding online support.

Speaking to the hardware of the other two, I heard a rumor (yesterday?) that Crytek was pushing for 8 gigs of ram… So, uh, yeah… I don’t know what to say about Crytek’s delusional shit, but that’s a thing that I heard. I’m sure a lot of us have 16 gigs or so in our home PCs, but from what I understand, console ram is way more expensive.

Also, for anyone who’s interested, Obsidian revealed their Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity Fans of Baldur’s Gate II and such will be happy.