@cgrajko I can’t really understand the current rumors we’re hearing. As of now I think the PS4 will have 2GB of total RAM (same as the Wii U) and the next Xbox might actually have as much as 6GB, with two of that being devoted to the OS. Remember, Epic was the reason they went with 512MB on the 360 instead of 256. They’re trying to get Sony to go to 4GB.

It’s looking like one of the next gen machines might not have enough TeraFlops in its GPU (that’s the measuring unit we’ve got now) to support UE4 to its full extent. The Wii U is rumored to have like 0.6 TFLOPS, and PS4 something like 1.8 or whatever. For reference my current HD 6850 – a mid-range GPU from 2011, has 1.5 TFLOPS.

I don’t know man. If you ask me the most important thing separating this console gen from the last isn’t even hardware, but the online services. This is the first time game consoles have had complex operating systems and social online services and whatnot. PS3 and 360 are almost at software parity, but people still flock to the 360 because they’re hooked on Live. I’ve stuck with the PC because I’m hooked on Steam. We don’t even know what really entails “next gen” yet.