Whoa! Cyberpunk text adventure outa nowhere. I’d hit that. Alex: Where does he find these wonderful toys?

So I grabbed the Double Fine iOS’ joint “Middle Manager of Justice” before the Internet discovered that it was basically a leaked beta that ended up on the iOS store totally by accident. Oh well. Plays fine so far! I’m a bit torn on whether I want to keep fooling around with it or wait until they update their shizz and go back for the real game.

Upside: Trademark Tim Schaffer style humor with great art and music. I have two superheroes who took down (“We get it! You have a skull for a face!”) villain Skullface at a boss lair battle today. Did some paperwork, improved morale of my team through use of a powerpoint presentation that had a nice acrostic for “S-U-P-E-R” on it.

Downside: Razzum frazzum “energy” mechanic. I swore I’d never play one of these, but it’s Double Fine. I’ll give them a shot, but… gah!