@beige I’d seen CYPHER bob about as a quiet project on the net for a while, but it’d dropped off the radar until I saw it was ready to go! I’ve only played a tiny amount thus far – like, an insignificant amount – and outside of the parser being a little finicky (though that could just be my soft, gelatinous modern-gamer self…last pure text adventure game I played was a loving waddle through Gateway) and a few spelling and grammar issues (which hurts on a symbolic level, given the genre CYPHER is otherwise doing nicely in resurrecting), it’s damn fine cyberpunk.

Printed out all the awesome artwork and extra files the devs had created – medical records, immigration interview transcripts, maps, text/number dumps from some mysterious encrypted files (which will, undoubtedly, surface in the game at some point)…and hell, they even supplied some papercraft of the neural jack machine, so you can have one on your desk.

I really shouldn’t be giving the thumbs up so prematurely, but it’s pretty cool.

EDIT: Operating a Bladerunner Esper photo analysis machine…or, in this case, a QRS-CODE synapse data retriever, in CYPHER is cool. Without spoiling anything, you find yourself using Deckard-like commands to sift through data in cyberspace. Delicate stuff. I’m glad this exists.