Meanwhile, I’ve spent the last week and a bit playing a game where aliens crash-land on “Nippon” and replace the government with a teenage girl President whom I just want to hug for-frickin’-ever. Full story here!

Those of you who like music may be interested in the new Game Music Bundle. The last one was great, incorporating some quality game soundtracks (including Frozen Synapse and Terraria) as well as some other works from chiptune/electronica artists. This one seems to mostly focus on mobile games, but fans of Journey may be interested to hear Austin Wintory’s soundtrack to Horn. The Super Hexagon EP is some head-thumping mayhem, too — as is Super Hexagon itself, if you haven’t yet played it. (Infuriating/addictive iOS game from Terry “VVVVVV” Cavanagh.)