@asatiir I think Human Revolution especially needs a little in the way of humour, here and there. I’m all for stern, grizzled experiences, but hell, even STALKER has light-heartedness amidst the drizzle and desperation.

Incidentally, and on the topic of totally Squad-squad business…are folks in the know about CYPHER: Cyberpunk Text Adventure? Inspirations on sleeve, but goodness gracious me. Who can say no to a Mac & PC milkshake of Bladerunner/Snatcher/Noir cyberpunk in true old school Infocom text-prompt format with updated interface and visual accoutrements? Not I, says I.

If that doesn’t scream the names of many squaddies for different reasons, I will remove prior-mentioned pantaloons, splash with Worcestershire sauce and consume. Prices start at 14.99 for the standard, collector’s edition at 19.99 and the deluxe at 24.99. Lots of old school printables, each version comes with the soundtrack.