@redswir1 Thanks for the Arx thoughts. The only thing I knew of that game was of a long haired lonely warrior standing in a sunlit doorway. That box is burned into my brain for no apparent reason. I also tend to confuse it with Nox and Anachronox, which occupy the same ignorant headspace.

By the way, did you catch the news last weekend that the Black Mesa Half Life remake is being released unfinished in a few weeks? Soundtrack also released. They’ve been working on that thing for like 8 years, wonder why Valve never snatched them up.

Also last weekend video of Metal Gear Solid: Zeroes was released, which contained 9 minutes of dramatic cutscene (was that kid Snake in the beginning?) and 2 minutes of moist Big Boss sneaking over rocks. Peace Walker references abound. The “Kojima Funtime Show” will return.