I still am fond of Halo and the universe. It’s the antithesis of what shooters have become these days – i.e., Middle-Eastern manshoots. And that’s coming from someone with a perverse hard-on for hardware. Halo has an ambience…I recall that incredible atmosphere, moving up through the canyons in the Flawless Cowboy chapter of Combat Evolved, completely in awe of the sound design – which I still reckon is second-to-none when it comes to the use of subtle droning synth-strings – and being intrigued by this…well…bright, clean aesthetic. It also had the right kind of pacing for a shooter, with superb use of down-time.

The visual design of Halo, the simple-yet-exotic architecture, is personally captivating. Those big flat monolithic structures of the Halo really caught my imagination, coupled with those iconic hums and bleeps. I dunno…perhaps its more a case of that time and my group of friends doing the co-op, or the four-player split-screen on Blood Gulch or Hang ‘Em High, or just kicking off the new millennium with an admittedly cheesy-yet-heroic and technologically-astounding experience…

Few have managed to capture that same sense of adventure with exploration-lite that Bungie did.