I have tried numerous times to get into Halo, mostly prompted by our friend George’s love of the series’ lore, but have failed to be excited by it, ever. The fact that most of the interesting lore is nowhere to be seen in the game is — to me, anyway — to the games’ detriment, as it leaves the games themselves as rather hollow-feeling experiences where you’re just another dude in heavy armour with a gun. Master Chief isn’t interesting as a character, I still have literally no idea why the Covenant and humanity are fighting and I don’t think I could name a single supporting character other than Cortana.

In short, I couldn’t care less about Halo 4, but given my general attitude towards triple-A now, that will probably come as no surprise. And I’m cool with that; I know the “mainstream” has absolutely no interest in School Days HQ and My Girlfriend is the President, both of which I’m playing at the moment. Makes them all the more special for those of us who do enjoy them. 🙂