My relationship with Halo is adverse, mainly because I didn’t get to play any of the games until 2010. I played through all four previous Halo games right before Reach came out. Right now the only ones I own are Reach and Anniversary and I honestly think that’s enough. I’m not really interested in Halo 4 at all.

I’m even less interested in the mythos. I really like certain parts of the setting – the way humanity’s futuristic military is depicted, and the feeling of fighting a war of attrition between entire advanced civilizations. I could give a damn about the halos, forerunners, and especially the flood. Plot-wise I like Reach the most because it cuts everything down to just “us versus the covenant”. I even like how in Reach you can’t understand covenant communication yet. The whole ting feels like “Black Hawk Down in Space.”

I’ve read bits at what Halo 4 does to the canon, and I just don’t care anymore. I personally don’t think any Halo campaign has been able to live up to Combat Evolved.