Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of posting – I haven’t had the time to really play much or really put anytime into gaming related news but that changes now (for at least this post anyway). I finally found some time today to get through my Game Access copy of Halo Reach.

I have been pretty “Meh” on the whole Halo series since Halo 3. I played ODST shortly after its release and frankly, other than the amazing soundtrack, wasn’t that wow-ed by the game. I think part of the issue is that I have nothing invested in the Halo mythology anymore. Reach is a fun ride especially since the Flood is nothing to be found. However, I could care less about anything that was actually going on plot-wise. The “emotional” moments rang completely hollow to me despite being well done and not laying it on ala Gears 2.

We’ll see what happens with Halo 4 but I’ll probably play it eventually because I do enjoy the gameplay even if I don”t care one lick about the story. Not exactly sure what that says about the game or me for that matter but there we go…