@unmanneddrone I have been playing much less than that during the beta and I find I can still be a useful teammate, despite the atrophied aiming and shooting (or biting) skills. This is true for me especially on the Marine team, because the commander often directly gives orders and there is always something to build/weld/defend while the gung-ho guys are on the front squashin’ bugs. As long as you’re not running off and dying needlessly and are assisting teammates, you’re not a burden. The only real way to get yelled at in this game is to jump in the commander position and not know what you’re doing. It’s the difference between winning and losing. That’s still the achilles heel of this game, in my opinion. There is no tutorial for that position either, it’s all on the job training. I avoid it like the plague, like DOTA games.

@beige @redswir1 Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes?