@bowlisimo Well, there it is. On the hard disk. Quite looking forward to it, in a Brink kinda way. Poor Brink.

@beige Of all time!? I know it’s not a particularly crowded genre, but that there’s one of them big calls! I couldn’t call a specific game out, perhaps create a shortlist. And would find it hard to break the MechCommanders and Missionforce Cyberstorms away from the Heavy Gears and the Mechwarriors – especially Mechwarrior 3. Gawd, that was a magnificent piece of work.

Then we can get into outliers like Gungriffon Blaze! What a champion. What a curious champion. And then, the Armored Core series…

We’re going to have to settle this. Robot Jox-style. With hammy acting, stop-motion mech action and a sense of what might have been.