@unmanneddrone All the “hardcore” gamers are calling F2P and the current iOS ecosystem basically a bubble. I don’t know about that yet, but if it does indeed burst then it may drive home a belief that the core gamer is the only really reliable audience in the industry.

One dev whose name I can’t remember actually complimented WiiWare by saying that the people who go there actually care about buying and playing games whereas iOS customers just want time wasters. That’s why people say that the potential audience for the Wii U has evaporated out of Nintendo’s hands. My problem with this assertion is that at some point, the industry has to rely on that mass audience if it wants to survival financially.

I really am starting to believe that the audience that still plays “real games” is a stagnant one. It just hasn’t grown enough this generation to justify the exploding costs, so now publishers are trying to get more money out of relatively fewer customers.