@impynickers CS:GO, man, it’s so Counter-Strike it’s crazy. Haven’t played it, only watched some video, but it looks like it still moves and behaves like it always has. Sure, it’s better looking aesthetically and there’s a new GUI, but they’re even using a lot of the old sounds (I hate that headshot egg crack noise). I guess they realized that reinventing the wheel wasn’t worth it. People who still play CS know exactly what they want, and everyone else just moved on to better team-based multiplayer shooters.

In a hypocritical move on my part, after saying “No thanks” to paying for Mann vs Machine mode, I plunked down money into my Steam wallet bought 6 tickets and finished a tour last weekend. Had a lot of fun, surprisingly. That mode is HARD, but fun when you get a team that works together well. All I have to show for it are a bunch of random hats & items and a stickybomb launcher with a roboheavy skull dangling from it. So yeah, I fell into that trap, but my Demoman looks pretty dope now.