@beige Eh, low cost of production, slim chance of hitting it big. Most iOS devs can’t live off the “proper” games they make, so these rare spikes of sickening glory from “busy” simulators or titles micro-transacted out the whazoo look far more important than what they are.

I wouldn’t worry about the assumed injustice. After all, since the inception of iOS platforms, the world surely has been a better place for both downloadable titles and your cherished art games on every platform.

I just don’t think you can suggest every developer in the business of games is there for the same reasons, and thus, not every gamer is there for the progression or cultural ascension of the medium. I see these bland and brain-rotting, but devilishly crafted, affairs more akin to something you’d see out of the casino/gambling industry. Broad appeal, little return, drip-fed squirts of dopamine-triggers.

Would I like my favourite underdog developers to make a ton of money, though? Sure. The best I can do is support them. And seeing the industry grow, especially in the last couple of years – incidentally, the alleged “brown manshoot generation”, “casual generation” and “micro-transaction generation” has given us more “art games” than all the years that preceded it – I suspect most other mature gamers feel the same.