@pepperized Just read up a bit on Song of Saya. Yeah, that sounds super fucked-up… but kind of awesome at the same time. Would be interested to hear if it’s more than just shock value.

@anyonewhocares I’ve finished four playthroughs of School Days HQ now, and each has been significantly different from the last. I haven’t had a “bad” ending yet (and still don’t know what the supposed fuss is about them, so don’t you dare spoil it if you know what it is) but each ending I have had has been definite food for thought. I won’t spoil any here on the offchance that anyone reading might want to play it, but suffice to say that on a number of the paths, there’s some real bona fide The Feels going on. The one I literally just finished nearly had me in tears. A fine example of true love not being an easy ride at ALL.

Highly recommended for anyone who values deep, meaningful stories about interpersonal relationships… and who doesn’t mind some fairly graphic sex scenes in service of the story. (Only one ending out of the four I’ve seen so far could even be faintly described as “sex as a reward”, and even then it was tinged with more than a hint of extremely bittersweet discomfort.)

I’ll be writing about this in more detail for my VN column on Games Are Evil on Sunday, so watch out for that. Further enthusing will probably also follow on my blog, too.