@RedSwirl I loved Arx Fatalis. It was the last game before Legend of Grimrock that I remember doing First Person Dungeon Crawling with a lot of polish and elegance. Never got around to Dark Messiah. Just got on the recommendation of Undercroft, and man does that game fit me like a glove. Portable gaming is usually hard for me to commit to, but this game finally had me jumping in whenever i had a pause. The missions are all straight forward, the exploration is easy with an effective map, and each mission doesn’t seem to take so long that I feel like I can blow through it on a lunch break or on a bus. Quite awesome really. I feel like a kid again pooring over a computer screen playing Might and Magic, only it now doesn’t take hours to do anything.

So of course I am working through a few different games from the past steam sale. Picked up EYE:Devine Cybermancy. It seemed geared toward a Deus Exy crowd, and it definitely treads much of that territory in its gameplay. It is quite rough. Were talking about a Russian made game, so you know what to expect. Really cool ideas in a rough package. The game maintains a very dream like atmosphere, which I find really interesting. Each time you load the game up you start in a dream, and wake inside the current chapter you are on. You can play the whole game co-op which is pretty interesting. There are also a staggering array of class skills that you can develop. The main weakness I would say is the interface. There are just too many options to navigate quickly. Otherwise though it is quite satisfying in a lot of ways. The gunplay is surprisingly realistic. A bullet will kill an enemy quite easily, and you yourself are not a tank. (though you can get crazy abilities that keep you above the enemies) The Sci Fi atmosphere is actually quite unique here, if a bit confusing. The general aesthetic leans away from the Matrix and occasionally finds itself closer to Metropolis. The game isn’t a particularly beautiful one, though it does have a consistent and interesting aesthetic. If you can bring yourself to play Half Life or Deus Ex, you will probably not be too disturbed.
So far so good, though other games may splinter my attention away from this game … it certainly seems like something I would want to come back to and share with people online.