@beige Just to repay your fine linkage this morning, have you seen the new trailer for Omerta: City of Gangsters? Now, Kalypso seem to be filling up that mid-tier publishing range left by JoWood, but under their wing, they’ve got quiet legends like Haemimont Games (Tropico, Grand Ages: Rome, the awesome Celtic Kings etc.) in the stable. Tell me this doesn’t look like a hoot. Turn-based combat in a Eidos’ Gangsters-esque celebration of mooks, goons, guns and booze.

Production values a little middling here and there, but Haemimont seem to cordially satirise their sources of inspiration without doing a Rockstar and cheesing it.

Good Lord, that’s two references to cheese in as many posts. Something must be up.

EDIT: NEW BROKEN SWORD! Kickstarter and all, but new Broken Sword!