Hello there, friends.

Anyone played Driver: San Francisco? I was just ruminating upon it this afternoon and after playing it a bit once the uPlay servers stopped shitting the proverbial bed during the Steam Sale, it’s a rather good game. Would love to hear other folks’ opinions on it. Like disgraced Rugby League player Nate Myles, lay it on the table.

Oh, also..@bowlisimo, you might be interested in this one, given the Mount & Blade love. Been dabbling in Fatshark’s War of the Roses alpha/beta thing since it launched to testers. It’s pretty good! Really good sense of melee combat, great engine and detailed maps. Not as huge in scope, but pretty lovely regardless. Pre-orders will go up on the 20th, which will undoubtedly include beta access, but it’ll be cheap and nourishing.

Thumbs up thus far. Love the cheap fu.