@feenwager Your loss. Interestingly, regarding what you were saying recently about wanting to play and RPG/go on a “quest” — RPGs have very much moved to the lower-tech platforms (Wii, PSP, DS), presumably because it’s simply cheaper to develop for them, so if you want to continue to enjoy new releases of that kind of game, you will have to swallow your pride and use these “children’s toys”. I’d be very surprised if Wii U didn’t find itself home to some quality quests, too — that tablet will be ideal for menus and battle interfaces, and given the choice between developing for brand new, expensive tech and a system that is closer to being a known quantity, those wanting to make a 30-100 hour game will pick the “safer” option.

The point is, you shouldn’t dismiss something because of what platform it’s on or what resolution its graphics run at. That may not be what you mean, but it’s what’s coming across. Is The Last Story worth buying a Wii for? Probably not, but there is a ton of quality games — including The Last Story — on that platform that no-one ever talks about just because “it’s the Wii”. Instead it’s stuck with an admittedly not entirely undeserved reputation as a waggle machine, a children’s toy. And that’s just kind of sad.

My favourite experiences of this year (that I’ve PLAYED this year, I should say) have all run at considerably less than HD resolutions — The Last Story (Wii), Pandora’s Tower (Wii) Shadow Hearts: Covenant (PS2), Fortune Summoners (PC) and my current RPG jam, Trails in the Sky (PSP). To ignore games like these is to do them a great disservice, particularly if you’re a fan of that genre.

On the other hand, though, I’ll freely admit that there’s enough stuff coming out for the HD consoles that it’s easy to let lesser-known stuff pass you by. It’s no longer possible to “play everything” — you have to make some decisions. For most of my interactive entertainment these days, I’ve chosen to forgo the blockbusters in favour of the smaller, lower-budget titles I find more interesting; you’ve clearly gone the other way. And that’s fine — just please, please please don’t imply that those of us who choose to play games on, say, the Wii are somehow “lesser” or “children” for choosing to do so. As I say, I appreciate that may not have been your intention, but it is what comes across.

Peace out.

EDIT: I realise my “you are BAD PEOPLE” comment could be taken the same way, and for that I apologise. Regardless, I do believe that titles such as The Last Story should be supported rather than ignored.