@randomeurocoptalk A few months ago I actually started in on the Wallander mysteries. Started with the first book – Faceless Killers – which I read as both the book (first) and then watched with Kenneth.

Kenneth does a fine Kurt, but if you have to explore one or the other I would definitely recommend the books. The mini-movies are OK, but you’re missing a lot of that subtle first-person-reflecting that happens when you’re dealing with an actual novel. Part of the Wallender “deal” is the constant CONSTANT repeating motif of him just driving around Sweden’s bleak countryside on his way to one place or the other while listening to classical music and chewing over the case in his head. The movies just kind of fast forward through this part, showing a volvo show up here and there, as well as omitting lots of the little incidental scenes and details that make the books a case study in the detective.

Still, you could totally do worse. I also recommend Karin Fossum for those interested in investigating Scandinavian Noir. Read “Black Seconds” not too long ago, wheee. If you live in Sweden you get a +10 racial bonus to writing Let The Write One In style bleak depressing miserable fiction, which makes them naturals at unglamorous crime.