@bluesforbuddha Tch. Look at you. I am constantly hunting down and recommending you stuff which you then go on about as if you did all the leg work yourself. 😉

I agree that if you want the “full Wallander experience” then yes, you probably want to sit down with one of Henning Mankell’s books. They’re very, very Scandinavian, which I suppose may not mean much unless you have read lots of OTHER Scandinavian crime novels – as a shorthand allow me to say that they have a particular flavor of bleak up there. Very introspective and not given to as many dramatic displays of angst.

Fossum, to me, is a bit less truly “police procedural” and a bit more homespun, though there are of course cops. This is not to say she is in any way a “cozy” mystery writer. No no no. Just that there is less of that slick Big City Crime feeling to them.

If Britishness is specifically what you want, then in addition to all those things named by @unmanneddrone (you have good taste, sir. I’d love to see more Wire in the Blood) you could also try anything based on the novels of P.D. James (An Unsuitable Job for a Woman comes to mind, as well as a number of the Dalgliesh adaptations, some of which are very good) or the very successful Prime Suspect, which made it to Masterpiece Theatre (Hey, it’s got Helen Mirren!)

Or you could also try:

  • Foyle’s War (historical; never seen it but it’s supposed to be fantastic)
  • Inspector Morse (goes through many seasons to a very definitely final ending)
  • The Inspector Lynley Mysteries (though the author of the books there is American if that matters)

…and so on. Several of these venture close to or INTO “detective series” rather than “true” police procedural, but the lines do get very blurry.