@bowlisimo I haven’t been on Minecraft recently mostly because I have been spending the entire evening the last few days doin’ Other Stuff. We have a ginormous “almost everyone from Mark’s office is coming to our house” event going on Thursday so yesterday was about CLEANING ALL THE THINGS and then feeling too tired to do much other than collapse on the couch and watch things.

I do, however, want to get back into it. Perhaps I shall relocate the laptop to the Upstairs so that whilst Mark is getting himself killed over and over in P4 Arena’s Arcade Mode or something I can jump in and build some shit. 😉

Papo Y Yo (which is how I automatically pronounce it) does indeed seem to be good, though in a way that is both whimsically, gently beautiful and also gives me a deeply uncomfortable feeling, a kind of tight, squeamish knot somewhere in my reptilian hindbrain. It’s a bit of cognitive dissonance I think I can mostly attribute to my own personal context, though perhaps others who play it can tell me if that’s a universal response or if it’s just me.

Also: How the hell does anyone review this without coming off as condescending, tone-deaf, or both? It seems so very personal, as if I had accidentally stumbled upon an abused child’s diary of their dreams. The very real possibility that I have, in a way, doesn’t really help.

How do I feel about it…? I don’t really know.