@beige The first season of Underbelly is set between 1994 and 2005 in Melbourne, telling of the gangland killings that spanned that decade. It’s probably what sets it apart from most other crime/police dramas in that every character is or was a real person – so much so that, due to a Victorian supreme court ruling, a few characters can’t actually be named due to legal injunctions.

Anyway, vibe is more like…hmm…Chopper? Dirty Deeds? There’s a certain roguish charm to the post-90s Australian crime drama. What do you expect, though?! Bunch of crims, the entire population!

@redswir1 I highly recommend you check out Ørnen/The Eagle, then! You’ll get a kick out of it, and it certainly showcases the international nature of crime-fighting in Europe. Smart as heck, that show. Incredible characterisation.

Also, if you ever find Jonathan Creek streaming somewhere on Netflix, check it out. Similar to Sherlock, if a little more low-key and rural.