Oh man, Mace Griffin. Wasn’t that the game where they had Henry Rollins doing the voice of the main character? I think I played it for a while with one of my friends back in the day. All I remember is that he was SUPER ANGRY all the time, which means probably Rollins was a good choice.

Just reading the PAR’s take on Sleeping Dogs. I’ve had my eye on this one for a while, and I’m pleased to say that (unbelievably?) the whole True Crime Hong Kong thing seems to have shaken itself out much better than anybody could have hoped for. An Asian gangster story with good writing and well acted dialogue (in English and Cantonese!) featuring Arkham City style fight mechanics and set in and amidst crowded temples and the mean streets of China sounds awesome to me. Super glad to hear they went for the “Less is More” sandbox approach and focused on content quality over content quantity. I’ll be picking this up tonight, so expect to hear some more gushing about Sleeping Dogs if the title pans out the way I think it might. As much as I like Kazuma Kiryu, the Yakuza series is a hell of a long way away from Infernal Affairs at this point in time.

Oh yeah, and the cell-shaded Metroidvania that is an Elysian Tail does look pretty damn awesome. It’s not officially out yet, which is probably why there’s been no official talk about it, but I can say already that it seems a no-brainer use of some Microsoft Spacebucks.