@beige Like Persona, don’t like fighting games, own MK9, hmm. Also, who the eff is Yu Nakatomi? You mean CHARLIE TUNOKU?

KSP is a rocket sim (also space planes) that has a space sim wrapped around it that is basically a mirror of our solar system. There’s a pretty cool, easy to use, make your own rocket a la carte section, but getting off the planet is just the beginning, as far as I can tell, and they’re adding more planets. Getting a solid build together just to make it TO the moon, let alone land on it, get out and walk/jetpack around, and return home, is way harder, physics-wise than it sounds. People go nuts with geosynchronous orbit, slingshots, space stations, space rendevous, mods, etc. Crazy stuff.

@cptcarnage Rescue mission? That’s… amazing. One day.