I picked up TERA for 18$ on Amazon so if there’s any squaddies on that game lemme know so I can join ya. I’m only going to be in there for one month to get me to Borderlands 2 PC release =D

Also: New Dungeons of Dredmore expansion is really great, the dimensional addresses work across games so even if you have a half dozen unsuccessful ones you can bring them over to successful ones. deciding when to spend addresses feels good. The addresses can only be used once and always make the same levels/items regardless. This also means you can trade them to friends if you find good artifacts or whatnot. Great idea!

and No Time to Grind is the secret best option to tick, double damage and the floors are smaller, this lets you play with skills without dropping 5+ hours to check out a build.

Then on top of all that the wizard pocket dimension gives you a ‘bank’ zone where you can dump all those crafting mats or even resist specific items.

Overall top marks, well played Gaslamp games!