Dear friends. Hearts still a-flutter on the Curiosity landing? Want to get your own arse to Mars? Fancy a little heavy-duty Russian space action? Come this way.

So, I’ve been playing Star Conflict on and off since the first wave of alpha/beta applicants were allowed onto the hangar deck. It’s a F2P MMO of sorts, more of the World of Tanks notion than, say, EVE. Think Microsoft’s forgotten-but-still-played Allegiance mixed in with Battlefield’s conquest mode (at least, the main mode at this point). But the great thing is, this is being published by Gaijin Games, the Il-2 Sturmovik lads, and the vibe is so utterly Russian. It’s nice and hi-tech, and while still has a few issues given the beta status, is pretty unique. Something as simple as capturing space nodes is very satisfying when piloting amongst a wing of different vessel types…fighters, support frigates and corvettes.

Not to mention, it’s a gorgeous game. Such scale. Such beautiful scale.

Recommended. Especially since it’s free. Nothing really can beat Eastern Bloc science fiction when it’s this polished and boasts such delicious design on many fronts. And one hopes they keep the Russian radio chatter, because no other language sounds so at home in zero-G than that.

@shingro Come to me, oh sweet Borderlands 2.