On another subject, 1up’s been doing these articles about different developers and such, and they did a Q&A for one of the main guys from Irem: http://www.1up.com/features/kazuma-kujo-interview-keeping-irem One of his projects that we here may remember is Steambot Chronicles

Towards the end of the interview he talks about the ideas behind the game as well as where they might have gone with Steambot Chronicles 2 (which was playable at TGS2007 on the PS3). If that game hadn’t been cancelled, you would’ve conceivably become the mayor of a village and decided whether they would be democratic, socialist, militaristic, or eco-conscious or something. And mech battles of course. Man.

Anyway, the reason that guy and some others left Irem is because that company returned to its focus on slot machines and away from core games. I don’t wanna say there’s a chance for a spiritual successor to Steambot or something, but man…