Man oh man. Just scanning some of this EA vs Zynga stuff. Amazing. Not that I love EA – far from it – but I hate Zynga so much more. I love that their legal brief BEGINS with EA saying “OK, Zynga’s just been ripping people off for years now but they finally picked a fight with someone who has the financial resources to take them down for all this shady stuff.” Then, just pictures of Bingo Blitz and Tiny Tower and the Sims next to obvious Zynga clones.

They didn’t HAVE to drag all the little guys into the limelight as wounded orphan examples, but obviously “we’re doing this!” extends to 100%. High-larious. I just wish that the Zynga execs hadn’t secretly cut bait about a month ago so so they would be forced to go down with the ship.

*kisses fingers* Mwah.