I just want to give another late Squad-Nod™ to Assassin’s Creed Revelations. That is an excellent game, and in stark contrast to some reviews, is worthwhile FOR people who have been following the story all this way. This didn’t feel like a rushed cash grab. Sure, the forward momentum of the meta-plot is minimal over what you learned in AC2, but Altair, Ezio, and even Desmond come out as stronger characters in the end. This is especially true for their cross-century ties to each other, which is a part of this story that I’ve always loved (I’ll admit, I got slightly teary-eyed at Ezio’s final message). I don’t know, there’s something about this iteration, I feel like the writing stepped up a notch.

Of course, stabbing dudes. Constantinople is like a slummy Rome mixed with Jerusalem’s sandy Middle Eastern aesthetics. Whether you like this setting or not depends on you, but if you enjoyed Brotherhood, there’s nothing you’ll miss here other than horses. Hookblades and bombs are just gravy on top, and if you’re afraid of the much maligned tower defense addition, don’t be. Refrain from running around with 100% heat on you and THEY NEVER HAPPEN, besides they aren’t even that bad. Also, you should know this by now, but avoid collecting shit, because it does nothing for you. I finished with only like 70% sync, don’t burn yourself out and you’ll enjoy it.

Lastly, the music. The music, guys. THE MUSIC. Jesper Kyd is on top of his game here, and it is the best it has ever been.

This is the last big series that I am emotionally invested in that hasn’t wrapped up yet. I’m in deep. Please don’t crap your pants, AC3. PLEASE!

@impynickers Nice lineup. Yeah, Diablo… that was a flash in the pan this year, eh? Is anyone here still playing that? I had a lot of fun with it, played through 3 difficulties, but there’s no long term love there. Ditto for Blizzard’s sophomoric storytelling, though we’ll have to see how Starcraft plays out.

Tiny and Big is on my list, especially after that GB quicklook.