Minecraft will have to wait unfortunately. The steam sale has kept me busy with countless games.

Shogun 2 had become quite an obsession over the past while. It has been a long time since I have delved into a game of this kind, and I almost forgot the obsession it breeds in me. I also have Empire: Total War waiting for me at somepoint.

Simultaneously I have begun Dungeons of Dredmor… after countless recommendations. Very enjoyable roguishness. Digging the light heartedness, and I am not intimidated due to my lack of rogue-like experience. Seems like there is a lot here to sink my teeth into for a sizable amount of time, we shall see if I stick with it.

Also, Payday: The Heist – Better than I was expecting. Reviews kinda round ‘meh’ terrritory, but you cant underestimate the fun you can have in a co-op game with varied objectives and solid shooting fun. Perhaps it could have gone more the espionage route ala Oceans 11, and that may have been more original, but what is there is highly entertaining. It takes some cues from left 4 dead, and I would say if you enjoy that game you wouldn’t go wrong with this one.

Got a brief bit of play time with an indie platformer known as ‘Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s leftovers’.
The game is quirky. Humor somewhat reminds me of the show ‘Adventure TIme’, but with a more comic booky inspiration. They have some original elements in the gadgets, such as a cutting tool that can cut pretty most pieces of the environment to help create a path through a platforming challenge. The game looks really good, has a semi-cell shaded cartoony look. All indications that this is a game worth checking out if you feel like you arent getting enough 3D platformers in your diet.

Ive completely left Diablo III behind. It was fun, I enjoyed it, but to me it will never be Diablo II. The experience just seems too straight forward to me now. The drops are also F’ed on boss runs. I don’t really care about the post game content as much as Blizzard wants me to. So despite waiting 10 years …. NEXT!