Quick Tangent: Has anyone watched the Darksiders 2 Quick Look on Giant Bomb? I loved the way the game looked but the more the devs talked about the new additions (Leveling mechanic, tons of loot that you can sell, keep or merge with other items to upgrade, hours of sidequests, 4x the world size and dungeons)…. the less I started to care.

I’m getting a distinct “everything but the kitchen sink” vibe. Darksiders was great as a Zelda like game with some nice upgrades and mash ups from other games (God of War comes to mind). Why add these things?? I don’t get the need to add leveling and loot – just overly complicates things and muddies the waters. I get the world size and side quests changes from the debs point of view – trying to lengthen (or as it will say on the box “deepen “) the game experience because you view that as a selling point to your game.

I would argue that a game like Darksiders 2 would benefit from a tighten scope. When “action-adventure” games (for lack of a better classification) start to add all this fluff, the main drive forward gets lost in the quest for completion and usually the game suffers as a consequence. I hope I’m wrong because I enjoyed the original Darksiders but the quick look really put a damper for me